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Facts and Tips When Shopping the Right Hydraulic Cylinder for You

A hydraulic cylinder refers to a linear actuator that is engineered to create either a pulling or pushing force in a straight line.When shopping for a hydraulic cylinder for your application, it is important to know about the options available for you, your needs, and the different types of cylinders in order for you to make the best choice. Don’t purchase the first one that comes across because not all hydraulic cylinders are created equal, and you may have space restrictions and other requirements that your application demands. You may need a hydraulic pump or other extra pieces to ensure that your hydraulic cylinder will operate as intended.

There are several factors you need to consider when shopping for a hydraulic pump that is best for your application including the amount of force needed, length of stroke, cylinder mounting style, operating pressure, speed, mean of stopping the workload after movement, and direction of force. The important specifications you need to check are the hydraulic cylinder’s mass, cushions, geometry, rod size, and bore size. Identifying the mass is the most critical step you need to do when shopping a hydraulic cylinder because it determines the force needed to move it, like if a 2-tons load will need just over 2 tons of force to push it straight up, whereas a 2-ton load that will be pushed across the ground will only require just enough force to overcome acceleration and friction. The force of the hydraulic cylinder must be high enough in order to ensure for margin of error. If you are dealing with a machine such as a hydraulic press that moves up and down, you just need a simple geometry without further consideration, whereas if the center of the load being moved is not centered on the point of lift of force, the force required by the hydraulic cylinder changes. If you already determined the force required, the next step is to calculate the bore size. Once the bore size is determined, you need to choose the right size of rod, and standard off the shelf cylinders come with one or two-rod options, considering the stroke length needed that affects the rod buckling strength.

Although cushions are optional, there are recommended for deceleration of high-speed rods, so the energy of the piston assembly’s impact against the cylinder end cap is reduced. If you are trying to look for the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturer and a team of knowledgeable and competent hydraulic engineers, we are here to help you out, just visit us on our website or homepage for more details! Our expert hydraulic engineers will help you find the right specifications you are looking for. Get more details about our mobile hydraulic cylinder today!

Why Cylinders Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Why Cylinders Aren’t As Bad As You Think

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