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Why News Is Important

News is at the core position of the world. News is an important process of information dissemination. At the same time that events occur live satellites are used to transmit information to the public. There was a time when news would take hours or even days to reach everyone. In this new era, people can witness live happenings immediately they happen through the radio, television, mobile phones, and the internet. Reporting news is one role of the media. But the objective and the main job of media services is to inform the public of what is ongoing in their community locally, nationally or globally. This is a form of public service to the world. A news piece should be able to satisfy the five basic questions to the spectators; Who? What? When? Where? Why? to qualify a quality news piece

News is about reporting facts. The exaggeration and distortion of news information is what leads to sensationalism. The outcome of sensationalism is a departure from the truth, facts, and news. News is an important part of the human day to day lives. In order to make vibrant decisions in life, people need a well-rounded understanding of politics, the environment, social structures, and economy. In a different language, a person needs news. Regardless of who someone is, some types of news are relevant to majority of the population. Latest weather news is important especially during the times that a lot of hurricanes, typhoon and other natural calamities tend to occur. Latest weather news is important to the public who always want to be in the know of how safe other people are both within and without the vicinity. Criminalities happen daily. Crime news is a kind of news that is important to pay attention to. It is a good thing to be aware of how violent or nonviolent the place you live is. Paying attention to the occurrences locally and nationally and what the police forces are doing to tackle and prevent crime is an important piece of information. Latest political news is not only attractive to politicians. Many people find political news interesting because everyone would like to know what the government is doing for its citizens. People hunting for jobs can look in the classified Ads sections. New positions are mostly advertised in the classified section whether in print or media points.

Techno geeks in the world find technology news interesting. Technology news interests technology professionals when they are broadcasted on TV, internet or newspapers. Market news is keenly followed by businessmen and investors who pay attention to what is going on in the world market. News greatly influence the audience since many people believe the report from the news media. A news agency can therefore construct the society if the agency has a policy to promote people’s welfare.

Learning The “Secrets” of News

Case Study: My Experience With Sources

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