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You will have to work hard in your math papers for you to get much wanted grade. You will have to be extremely patient and able to concentrate more in math. Math is a difficult subject made easier through calculation. Pupils fear math with the belief that it is hard.Here are some of the ways to handle some of the calculations in this subject. You may have come across a decimal and fraction. Is it possible for a decimal to become a fraction? A fraction is whereby the bottom number (denominator) is a power of 100, 1000 among others. A denominator is not required to make a decimal. You will have an easier time calculating your math.

Applying A Calculator in Calculations
One must have used or seen a calculator in their lifespan. There many types of decimal points and you get overwhelmed on how to do them. You may be asked to use a calculator to change a decimal into a fraction. The Greatest Common Factor of 55 is 100. 55 is the numerator while the denominator is 100. The answer will be 55/100. The calculation is still incomplete. Make the equation through dividing both numbers. The final result would be 11/55.

You can also convert a fraction into decimal quite easily. The fact that you are aware of what a numerator and a denominator is makes things easier. There will be no hiccups when doing these calculations. You can now divide the lower-case number into the numerator. For instance, 100/55. It is common to find recurring numbers in decimals like 0.4444. It is not at all difficult if you look at the last digit. Since it is smaller than 5, the result is 0.444. If the number had be greater than 5,it would have been added to the next number to bring 0.446. Do not feel like these calculations will get the best or else you will not be able to do them.

It is not odd to have come across the word log. Logs are introduced in high school and are broken down further in universities. Logarithm is the opposite of inverse exponentiation more like addition and subtraction. It is similar to multiplication. For you have the log, then the base e which is a fixed number must be raised. You will find that many people have made a living out of doing math so don’t be scared to look at in a different light. The instructions are supposed to help you improve your math skills.

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