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What Roof Replacement Alternative Is Best for You?

It is very important to understand that not all roofs need to be similar. Today, the market displays so many options than what you actually know in the past. If you notice that your roof has been worn out and requires a new one, then you must take a careful look on the different replacement alternatives you may use. Fortunately, there are many technicians who can give you valuable advice as to what is best for your house.

This article is best for those who plans to replace their old roofing with a more suitable material that will improve its aesthetic, value, and function. So, here are some of the options to choose from.

1. The Stone-Coated Metal
Stone-coated steel/metal roofing mimics the asphalt shingle, clay tiles, or wood shakes look. This option is known for its deep and architectural profile. This kind of roofing usually has 50 years of warranty as it is highly resistant to winds, fire, and hail. Also, its metal is resistant to corrosion since crushed granite is bonded to it.
This is typically installed over battens, or wood strips, creating air channels on the roofing and roof deck. The air spaces acts as insulation keeping the deck cool during summer and minimizing ice dams during winter.

2. The Built-Up Roofing
This is the most popular material suitable for low-sloped roofs. It has many layers of bitumen surfaces, this is finished by using coating or aggregate layer on top. This top layer is usually tar, where the gravel is laid.
There are different types of built-up roofs such as ballasted asphalt and smooth asphalt. Both are comprised of ply sheets, decking insulation, and surfacing materials. The asphalt or other bitumen materials are used to bond the layers together. Take note that the surface coating has a great impact on your expenses, as well as the roof’s durability.

3. The Solar Shingles
Solar shingles are also a great alternative. The modern solar shingles are made of rigid materials like tempered glass. That’s why, they perform and look like the conventional shingles. These can also be installed just like to shingles without having special installation crews.
The best thing about this option is that they produce electricity on daytime. So, the roofing pays for itself from its installation to its entire lifetime. Of all the roof materials available, this is the only one that gives financial return to you.

4. The Single-Ply Roofing
This option is often used by commercial buildings. This can also be good on slope roofs. Thermoplastic and thermoset are the two types of single-ply roofing. The thermoplastic is hot-air welded together forming cohesive laps. Once the material is cooled, it goes back to its original form. This reinforce later or fiberglass or polyester for stability and strength. On the other hand, the thermoset membranes comes from synthetic rubber polymers like Neoprene, CSPE, and EPDM. These are used for larger roof areas. The larger the size, the less number of seams is required.

These are just some of the many roof replacement alternatives you may use. To help you determine which one is best for your home, it is recommended to hire a technician or professional.

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