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What Should You Do When Your Chimney Needs a Chimney Inspection?

What exactly is a Chimney Sweep meter? It entails removing accumulated ash and soot from the chimney structure with the use of a flexible hose. A Chimney Sweep is essential to ensure that your chimney is working perfectly. However, few homeowners really know about chimney construction dynamics. If you are one of them, you should read on. This article will explain what a Chimney Sweep meter is and why it is important for chimney maintenance.

When a new home is built, all the contractors usually give a checklist of things that need to be done prior to the grand opening. Among these items are the fireplace sweeping and inspection services. Why? Because these two services are very important in the safety of your family. Fireplaces produce smoke and toxic gases. The threat of fire in your home is always there, but you can prevent damage to your home and lessen your risk by taking advantage of chimney inspection and sweeping services.

Two points should be remembered when performing chimney inspection and sweeping: safety and efficiency. Safety starts at the bottom level and goes up to the top level. That means, the main purpose of this service is to ensure the safety of those living inside the house. Two points to remember are:

The main point to remember is to inspect the chimney and its walls on a yearly basis. It is recommended to perform the inspection twice a year – in the fall and in the spring – based on the time of the year when the house is constructed. One reason to do the annual chimney inspection and cleaning is to protect the life of your heating and cooling system. Homes with wood stoves, oil-fired furnaces and other fuel burning fireplace, as well as those that use electricity in their heating systems need to have the chimney and the attached ducts inspected to ensure their safety and efficiency.

The second point to remember is to check the flue. The flue is the lower portion of the chimney that contains creosote. It is common for chimneys to have creosote built up on both sides – inside and out – because of the constant exposure to high temperatures. Thorough chimney inspections will take away the creosote that is not visible from the ground.

Finally, you need to address the root issue. There are parts of the chimney structure that are totally open and may not be easily accessed. That’s why it is important to hire professional chimney sweepers. Professional chimney sweepers will do a thorough inspection and remove the soot manually. However, there are parts that are enclosed and difficult to access. In such cases, chimney inspections require you to hire a professional chimney cleaning company or a chimney replacement service.

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